Course length

12 days total. 6 total weekends on an every other weekend schedule. 

Locations we offer this course

Washington - We will be mostly utilizing Exit 38 and Index with a possibility of climbs in Snoqualmie Pass, Darrington or Vesper Peak as final multi-pitch objectives. If weather is a problem we may need to relocate to Vantage.  

2022 Course Dates

Fully Booked for 2022, check back for 2023!

*Note: Depending on flexibility in peoples' schedules we may try and push the weekend of July 2-3 forward or back to fall on a week day or the neighboring "off" weekend. This would better allow us to work around crowds on a holiday weekend.

Course Itinerary

This is a rough outline, we may choose to move things around based on individual course flow

Week 1 (Exit 38) May 21-22

  • Knots and hitches relevant to sport climbing (figure eight, overhand on a bite, friction hitches, clove and munter hitches, double fisherman's)

  • Building bolted anchors

  • Cleaning bolted anchors

  • Rope management for leaders

  • Leading techniques for sport climbing

  • Falling techniques

  • Face climbing/ sport climbing movement

  • Mental techniques for leading

Week 2 (Exit 38) June 4-5

  • Efficient anchor building and evaluation for multi pitch climbing with traditional gear or terrain features

  • Methods to belaying a follower

  • Efficient bolted multi-pitch transitions

  • Efficient multi-pitch rope management

  • Considerations for belaying a leader on a multi-pitch climb, including fall factors

  • Rappelling 

  • Student leadership on short multi-pitch sport routes

  • Basic multi-pitch self rescue (ascending, munter mule overhand, hauling, lowers)

  • Route finding and topos

Week 3 (Index) June 18-19

  • Appropriate gear selection

  • Traditional gear placement

  • Anchor building and evaluation using traditional gear

  • Anchor building and evaluation using natural anchors or terrain features

  • Leading techniques for trad climbing

Week 4 (Index) July 2-3 

  • Efficient anchor building and evaluation for multi pitch climbing with traditional gear or terrain features

  • Methods to belaying a follower

  • Efficient trad multi pitch transitions

  • Efficient rope management

  • Efficient multi pitch rappel transitions

  • Route finding and topos

  • Student leadership on short multi-pitch trad routes

  • Crack climbing technique

Week 5 (Likely Exit 38/ Snoqualmie pass) July 16-17

  • Advanced multi-pitch self rescue (load transfers, passing knots, rappelling with an injured person)

  • How to manage scrambling and low fifth class terrain

  • Multi-pitch objective (Likely on The Tooth, Snoqualmie Pass)

Week 6 (location variable) July 30-31

  • Climb longer multi-pitch objectives which could include:

    • Tooth Fairy, The Tooth, Snoqualmie Pass

    • Ragged Edge, Vesper Peak, Mountain Loop Highway

    • Mile High Club, Mountain Loop Highway

    • Blueberry Buttress, Exfoliation Dome, Darrington


Must have experience lead climbing and belaying in a gym. No outdoor climbing experience necessary, but great if you have it. If you don’t meet this prerequisite, talk to us about taking a sport climbing course through us or a lead climbing course at your local gym. Contact us if you have any questions about whether or not this is the right course for you.

Course Ratio 

Max 3 students per guide


$2400 per person

Please note we will need to have at least 3 participants confirmed by April 15th for the course to run.​