We can offer courses and guided trips in many places around the world including Thailand, Greece, Spain, Norway, Torres Del Paine and Cochamo. Reach out to us if you are interested in an international climbing trip. We will work with you to schedule and plan your dream trip!

Trip Length

We typically recommend a 6 climbing day minimum for international and oversees trips. We can accommodate much longer trips or expeditions. 

Trip Cost

Below is a rate calculator to get an idea of what the "guide fee" will be for a trip. This only includes the guide rate and use of ropes and other group technical equipment. It does not include guides' airfare, personal airfare, trip insurance, lodging, food, personal climbing and camping equipment, etc. 

Rates are based off of the ratio of climber to guide. For technical climbs we only operate at a ratio of up to 2:1. For non technical climbs and single pitch climbing, we can accommodate higher ratios. For larger groups, it is possible to split the group up day to day (example: with a group of 8 climbers and 2 guides, it is possible to have one group of 6:1 climbing in a single pitch environment and one group climbing 2:1 on a multi pitch route).

Rates listed below are all per climber per day.

Rates for the first 7 days

  • 1:1 $400

  • 2:1 $300

  • 3:1 $200

  • 4:1 and higher $160

Rates for days 8-14

  • 1:1 $360

  • 2:1 $270

  • 3:1 $180

  • 4:1 and higher $150

Rates for days 15+

  • 1:1 $345

  • 2:1 $250

  • 3:1 $160

  • 4:1 and higher $140