This course is the first step to becoming an independent climber outside. We will teach you the hard skills and judgement required to start leading sport climbs on your own. Taught by AMGA Certified Rock Guides.

Course length

2 Days, can combine with Multi Pitch Sport Climbing Course for 3 days

Locations we offer this course

  • Owens River Gorge, CA

  • Washington (Exit 38 or Vantage)

  • El Potrero Chico, Mexico

Upcoming Dates


Private Course Availability: May - September 2022

Group Course Dates:

May 28th - 29th (Full)

July 23th - 24th 

September 10th - 11th (Full)

Don't see a date in a location you are looking for? Reach out to us about setting up a private course on your preferred date.​​


Must be able to toprope 5.7 outside or 5.9 in the gym. Contact us if you have any questions about whether this is the right course for you.

Course Ratio 

Max 4:1

Course Cost

Public course cost:


Please note we will have to charge private course rates if only 1 person signs up.

Private Course Cost

1 participant: $795

2 participants: $495 per person

3 participants: $395 per person

4 participants: $350 per person

See El Potrero Chico page for special rates​



  • Knots and hitches including figure 8 follow-through, overhand on a bight, flat overhand, fisherman's, double fisherman's, bowline, munter, clove, prusik, autoblock, klemheist 

  • Appropriate gear selection

  • Anchor building and cleaning for a sport climbing setting

  • Rope management for leaders

  • Leading techniques for sport climbing

  • Standard lead and top rope belaying techniques with an assisted braking device

  • Falling techniques

  • Rappelling

  • Face climbing/ sport climbing movement

  • Mental techniques for leading




  • Instruction from an AMGA certified Rock Guide

  • Climbing Permits

  • Use of Group Technical Equipment such as Ropes and Rack


  • Personal Climbing Equipment (harness, helmet, shoes, belay devices)

  • Transportation

  • Lodging or Camping 

  • Meals while on the course

  • Trip Insurance

  • Guide Gratuity