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When most people think of the climbing in Washington, their first thoughts often trend towards snowy volcanos and remote technical peaks. However, the Cascades are one of the premier destinations for multi-pitch rock climbs in the US. The European tradition of well protected and thoughtfully cleaned climbs is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. There has been an explosion of development in the last decade that has yielded dozens of clean, high quality climbs. 

There are tons of options for climbers at every level. Below is a list of some of the more classic climbs sorted by difficulty. Let us know what your experience level is and we can suggest the perfect climb for you!

All guides are AMGA Certified Rock Guides.

Best Season

May through September


Rates are based off of a ratio of the number of climbers to the number of guides. For multi-pitch climbs, the highest ratio that we work at is 2:1. Ratios 3:1 and higher are only available for single pitch climbing. Prices are per person per day

1:1 $495

2:1 $295

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing WA: Welcome


Exit 38 Multi-Pitch Climbs

5.3-5.10 2-4 pitches

The Far Side area at Exit 38 houses excellent beginner terrain to learn and get more comfortable multi-pitch climbing. There are excellent sport and trad options to learn on. Most of the routes here are relatively short and work really well with an intro to multi-pitch type day. 

Mt Garfield, Finite Bliss

North Bend

5.6 7 pitches

Up in the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie river there is the massive south face of Mt Garfield. Here lives the famous "Infinite Bliss", one of the longest sport climbs in North America. The first 7 pitches are low angle glacially polished slabs. This makes for an awesome introduction to friction climbing and multi-pitch climbing. It is possible to rappel at any point. It is  also possible to continue upward a few more pitches to try some harder climbing and bigger exposure. 

The Tooth, South Face

Snoqualmie Pass

5.4 4 pitches

The Tooth was first climbed in the 1920's via this historic and classic route. The route is steep and exposed for 5.4, but the climbing is well featured. The approach is quite long and makes for an all day adventure for most.

Great Northern Slab


5.6-5.8 3 pitches

Great Northern Slab hosts 4 distinct climbs as well as a number of harder variations. This is one of the few places where you get to climb low angle splitter cracks in WA. Its our little slice of Squamish. Its possible to link multiple routes in a day or move on to try some of the harder climbs at the Lower Town Wall. 

3 O'Clock Rock, The Big Tree


5.7 4 pitches

Excellent and historic granite climbing. The clean splitter granite will have you forgetting that your in WA. Can Be combined with other routes at 3 O'Clock Rock.

Vesper Peak, Ragged Edges


5.7 4 pitches

This is a relatively new line off the mountain loop highway. It is a classic and makes for an incredible day summiting a cascade peak. The gorgeous scenery and surrounding mountain scape makes this feel like a day in the alpine. The approach and climb make for a full day of movement.

Zig Zag

Mt Erie

5.7 3 pitches

Mt Erie is one of the most scenic climbing areas in Washington. You'll get views deep into Puget Sound overlooking the San Juan islands and Olympic mountains while climbing. Zig Zag takes a direct line up the biggest wall on the mountain. A fun add on is to climb the challenging pitch "springboard" for an excellent finish to an already good route. 

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing WA: Welcome


Guye Peak, Improbable Traverse

Snoqualmie Pass

5.8 8 pitches

Guye peak offers high adventure, right above I-90. This route is an excellent training grounds for the metamorphic rock found in the central cascades. This is a full day outing with scenic views of the Alpental Valley the whole time.

Vesper Peak, True Grit

Mountain Loop Highway

5.8 5 pitches

The climbing on True Grit takes dramatic and direct line up Vesper Peak. The surrounding alpine peaks make for a gorgeous backdrop. Just as classic as its famous neighbor "Ragged Edges" (see beginner climbs). A fast party could combine the two routes in a day or they make for a great 2 day link up. 

Exfoliation Dome, Blueberry Buttress


5.8 7 pitches

Exfoliation Dome was touted by Fred Beckey as one of the hardest peaks to summit on the western slope of the cascades. Blueberry Buttress takes a direct line up the west face of the granite dome.

Squire Creek Walls, Concerto in C for Drill and Hammer


5.8 14 pitches

A mega route! It takes a moderate line up the massive 2000 ft south face of squire creek wall. This is a 2-3 days trip.

The Tooth, The Tooth Fairy

Snoqualmie Pass

5.9 7 pitches

A new age bolt protected classic in Snoqualmie Pas. The SW face of the tooth is an impressive feature. 

Upper Town Wall, DGS


5.9 3 pitches

This may be the easiest line to the top of Upper Town Wall. Recently re-cleaned, it is likely to become a classic. Extremely scenic with expansive views of Mt. Index and Sky Valley.

Green Giant Buttress, Dreamer


5.9 10 pitches

One of the more famous and classic lines in Darrington. Splitter cracks and gorgeous slabs will have you feeling like you transported to Yosemite.

Morning Star Peak, Mile High Club

Mountain Loop Highway

5.10a 7 pitches

A modern bolt protected climb, surrounded by cascade peaks. 

3 O'Clock Rock, Silent Running


5.10- 7 pitches

Silent Running is classic slab climb. Super clean and consistent friction climbing the whole way!

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing WA: Welcome


The Ascensionist 

Exit 38

5.10b 6 pitches

The Ascensionist is maybe the easiest to reach multi pitch route near Seattle. The route is wicked steep, athletic, and exposed. Sam was also on the first ascent team!

Mt Garfield, Infinite Bliss

North Bend

5.10b 23 pitches

At 2600' long, Infinite Bliss is one of the longest sport climbs in North America. Clean Friction climbing and featured face climbing make it very approachable at the grade. 

Upper Town Wall, Davis-Holland into Lovin Arms


5.10c 6 pitches

Maybe the best front country 5.10 route in WA. Splitter cracks and excellent face the whole way up the center of Upper Town Wall. It is well known for a reason!

The Diamond, Hell Bent For Glory


5.10d 7 pitches

Hell Bent for Glory is a bit of an unsung classic up the Diamond, the tallest wall in Index. The climbing is varied and a mix of crack and face climbing. 

Sloan Peak, Fire on the Mountain

Mountain Loop Highway

5.10+ 8 pitches

Fire on the Mountain climbs the impressive SW face of Sloan Peak. Accessed via the mountain loop highway, it makes for a great 2-3 day alpine  rock climbing mission.

Squire Creek Wall, Slab Daddy


5.10+ 22 pitches

Slab Daddy climbs one of the biggest walls in WA. As its name suggests it hosts a slew of slab climbing. There is a bivy ledge halfway up the route that helps accommodate a 2-3 day itinerary. 

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing WA: Welcome
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