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Moab is the land of perfect desert cracks. If you are looking to practice crack climbing technique Moab is the perfect place. We live to crack climb, and we want to help you love it as well. We know crack climbing can feel impossible until you get the technique down, that's what we're here for. We can cover techniques from finger cracks to OW and chimneys. Our goal is to help you learn efficiency of crack movement so that you can climb cracks confidently. We offer private guided trips tailored to your goals. 

All guides are AMGA Certified Rock Guides


Rates are based off of a ratio of the number of climbers to the number of guides. For multi-pitch climbs, the highest ratio that we work at is 2:1. Ratios 3:1 and higher are only available for single pitch climbing. Prices are per person per day

1:1 $450 

2:1 $325

3:1 $215 

4:1 $175  

Indian Creek Crack Climbing Moab: Welcome
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