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The climbing in Washington is incredibly diverse. There is a climbing area for every style of climbing imaginable, and climbs for all abilities. Whether its your first time climbing outside or you consider yourself an expert, there is terrain to help every climber grow. 

We love to teach and love working with kids. Climbing can be an excellent activity for family bonding and can introduce your kids to a passion that will help them get outside more. Let us know your experience or goals and we will come up with the perfect climbing area for you!

All guides are AMGA Certified Rock Guides.


Rates are based off of a ratio of the number of climbers to the number of guides. For multi-pitch climbs, the highest ratio that we work at is 2:1. Ratios 3:1 and higher are only available for single pitch climbing. Prices are per person per day

1:1 $495

2:1 $295

3:1 $235

4:1 $210

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome


Grades: 5.5 and up
Approaches: 5 min to 45 min
Best Season: May - September

The quaint town of Index holds the best granite in the Pacific Northwest. Index has for a long time held a stout reputation, believed to only cater to the strongest climbers around. A recent explosion in development and popularity has uncovered a slew of easier gems. Index provides the best moderate crack climbing in the state as well as a surprising variety of slab and face climbing that makes it one of the most well rounded climbing areas in the region. Most of the approaches in Index are quite mellow and are kid friendly. There are a number of destination single pitch climbs, easy multi-pitch routes and even has a few Via Ferrata routes. A Via Ferrata is an artificial climb that utilizes ladder rungs to make it easier to travel through vertical terrain. They were originally used in the alps during world war 1 to move troops through the mountains, now they are used for access and have become a subset of climbing in and of themselves. They are an excellent way to reach heights and take in the scenery without any prior climbing experience!

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome


Grades: 5.3 to 5.10
Approaches: 30 min to 2 hrs
Best Season: June - August

Just outside of the old logging town of Darrington lies an adventurous temperate jungle, filled with granite domes, hidden from society. The rock is mostly tight grained granite and hosts a ton of excellent slab and crack climbs. The approaches tend to be longer with the shortest approach taking most parties about 30-40 min. This means you will likely have the whole area to yourself! Darrington is an excellent place to find seclusion from the city and is a great training ground for bigger granite climbing destinations such as Squamish or Yosemite.

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome


Grades: 5.3 and up
Approaches: 10 min to 30 min
Best Season: April - September

About 30 min east of Seattle lies a high concentration of metamorphic rock outcroppings just off the highway. The climbing areas have become synonymous with their corresponding exits on I-90. Exit 32 and Exit 38, or "the exits", for short, offer one of the highest concentrations of sport climbing in the state. The approaches are mostly kid friendly. The climbing is on well featured metamorphic rock that provides many face holds and makes for a friendly transition from climbing in a gym to climbing outside for the first time.

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome


Grades: 5.5 to 5.11
Approaches: 5 min to 30 min
Best Season: February - October

Vantage is just east of Snoqualmie Pass on I-90. Vantage is an incredibly unique volcanic formation of columnar basalt. Vertical cracks and steep, well featured face climbing characterize the climbing. The weather in Vantage is typically very dry, making this an excellent destination in the spring or fall. It is a great option in the summer as well when the weather is wet on the west side of the state. The approaches are very friendly and climbing is super well featured and provides interesting movement.

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome


Grades: 5.4 to 5.10
Approaches: 10 min to 45 min
Best Season: May - September

Just outside of Anacortes there's a distinct peak overlooking the sound. Mt Erie is likely one of the most scenic rock climbing areas in WA. The views overlooking the San Juans are truly inspiring. The climbing is mostly well featured face climbing on solid metamorphic rock.

Beginner Rock Climbing: Welcome
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